This website of the Administration for Socioeconomic Development of the Department of the Family (ADSEF) assists you in applying for benefits from the Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN). 


We have made the program application process more flexible, in order to expedite applications and provide an alternative for families who need food support during this emergency.  This website will consider your family's information to determine if you are eligible, based on program requirements and information provided by you.


To begin the application process, access the link at the bottom of this page, where your information is protected and will be evaluated by a program technician.  Be sure to complete all fields and mark the certification at the end of the process, which is required to begin the evaluation.  Once you have obtained your application number, write it down for future reference.  This number will be used by the specialists to identify you.


To meet all the requirements of the program you must send the following documents to documentospan@familia.pr.gov. (Remember to identify your application with the unique number given as identification):


- Official state identification with photo, (valid driver's license, voter's card or passport)


- Document indicating your current address (energy bill, water bill, phone bill or similar)


This documentary evidence is required to proceed with the evaluation of your application. Once received, a program technician will contact you, if additional information is needed. If you are unable to comply with ADSEF requirements electronically in a timely manner, you must submit copies of the documents in the mailboxes in the locations indicated below. 


Remember that submitting all documents electronically will allow for a faster and more agile process. Your application will be evaluated according to the information you have submitted, having certified that it is true and correct.  The implications of declaring false information in the application could represent the payment of fines and return of any benefits obtained, as well as the prohibition to participate in the program.


E-mail address for sending the documents: (use the application number in addition to your name to identify the documents) documentospan@familia.pr.gov


Mailboxes available by region:

(Use the application number in addition to your name to identify the documents) 


Office Directory with mailboxes to receive documents for the NAP 


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